Don't Lose Money Because of a Leaky Pipe

Work with a trusted plumbing contractor of Family Designs & Construction in Lindenhurst & West Islip, NY

Plumbing problems are frustrating. You use many of your fixtures every day, so having one out of commission is difficult. A local plumbing contractor can provide fast repairs. Family Designs & Construction offers handyman services in Lindenhurst and West Islip, NY. We can accurately diagnose plumbing problems and get everything working again, ASAP. You can trust us to repair toilets, bathtubs, sinks and more.

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How to tell if you need plumbing repairs

How to tell if you need plumbing repairs

You should reach out to our team for handyman services if you notice:

  • Gurgling sounds coming from a plumbing fixture
  • Water pooling under your sink or behind your toilet
  • Slow draining or a completely clogged fixture
You'll get a free estimate on our services before we begin. We'll use professional equipment to ensure that your repair is completed correctly. Call us today at 631-835-7293 to talk to a Lindenhurst and West Islip, NY plumbing contractor.