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Asphalt shingle roofing is one of the most popular roofing styles among homeowners and small business owners in Lindenhurst and West Islip, NY. Available in endless styles and colors, asphalt shingles are perfect for nearly any home or commercial building. From traditional shingles to colorful asphalt tiles, an asphalt roof can make your property stand out.

Turn to Family Designs & Construction for a custom asphalt shingle roofing installation in Lindenhurst or West Islip, NY. Speak with our professional roofing contractor today to learn more.

Protect your property from the top

Protect your property from the top

Are you building a new home or business in Lindenhurst or West Islip, NY, or is your roof just old and worn? Whatever reason you have for needing new roof installation, turn to Family Designs & Construction. You'll work closely with our experienced roofing contractor to ensure you get a strong roof that will last for decades.

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